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ENERHAT (Energy Housing Assessment Tool) is an application that enables tenants, owners and real estate agents to obtain information on energy labels and the state of conservation of residential buildings, to compare the energy efficiency of the dwellings with similar dwellings, to assess the investment needed to carry out improvements and finally to apply for subsidies to undertake the reform.

The application integrates the data obtained from the Energy Performance Certificates provided by the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), the cadastre and the census sections, together with geographic information. The rehabilitation measures are based on the ICAEN simulation tool and the “Long-term strategy for energy rehabilitation in the building sector in Spain” (ERESEE 2014).

In the tutorial you can find a detailed description on how to use the application.

* The data provided by the ICAEN and the AHC was last updated in October 2017.


Construction year: XXXX

Area: XXXX m2

Climatic zone: XXXX


Number of floors: XXXX

Energy consumption: XXXX kWh/m2
CO2 emissions: XXXX kg/m2

Cadastral reference: XXXX

Date of issuance of the energy performance certificate: XXXX/XX/XX

This is the report of the building technical inspection according to the information provided by AHC:

Buscant ITE...

ENERHAT recommends taking advantage of the need to rehabilitate the building to apply energy-saving measures.
The building was not found in the database of the Catalan Institute of Energy; approximate values are shown below

CO2 emissions


Compare with similar buildings


Environmental impact.

Buildings' usage is responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the countries of the European Union(DIRECTIVE 2010/31/EU)

Energy consumption


Compare with similar buildings


Security and cost of energy supply

Spain's energy consumption mainly depends on (85%) non-renewable sources (IDAE)

Investing in energy savings and renewable energy makes the energy supply safer and cheaper (EU DIRECTIVE 2010/31/EU, IDAE)

The following graph shows a classification of buildings with similar characteristics: year of construction, living space, number of floors, climatic zone and use (single/multi-family).

No similar buildings have been found.

Characteristics of the dwelling and refurbishment measures
ENERHAT suggests the following refurbishment measures according to the building characteristics (single/multi-family use, year of construction and climate zone)

ATTENTION: These values refer to a dwelling.

Indicadors energètics

Subsidies for building renewal

Consorci de l'Habitatge de Barcelona

City of Barcelona

December 31, 2016

Up to 50% subsidies

IDAE Insituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la energia


Deadline closed

Up to 70% subsidies

Agència de l’habitatge de Catalunya

All the municipalities of Catalonia except Barcelona

Deadline closed

Up to 50% subsidies

Consorci metropolità de l'habitatge

All the municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, except Barcelona

Deadline closed

From 35% to 50% subsidies

Consorci de l'habitatge de l'àrea metropolitana de barcelona

All municipalities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona

December 31, 2017

Up to 50% subsidies

Mesures de rehabilitació
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